A list of alien Weapon and Outfits

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Hai Weapons


Picture Name Cost
Pulse Cannon 130,000
Ion Cannon 490,000


Picture Name Cost
Pulse turret
Pulse Turret 590,000

Secondary Weapons

Picture Name Cost
Rail Gun

Anti Missile

Picture Name Cost
Bull Frog


Picture Name Cost
Hai Tracker

Hai Outfits

Hai energy components are more efficient than their human counterparts. They take up less space but generate comparable levels of energy.

Energy Generation

Picture Name Cost
Dwarf core hai
Pebble Core 1.050M
Fission hai@2x
Geode Reactor 1.750M
Boulder Reactor

Energy storage/Batteries

Picture Name Cost
Hai Chasm
Hai Fissure
Hai Gorge
Hai Ravine
Hai Valley


Picture Name Cost
Hai Corundum Regenerator
Hai Diamond Regenerator


Picture Name Cost
Baellie Atomic Engines
Basrem Atomic Thrusters
Benga Atomic Thrusters
Biroo Atomic Thrusters
Bondir Atomic Thrusters
Bufaer Atomic Thrusters
Basrem Atomic Steering
Benga Atomic Steering
Biroo Atomic Steering
Bondir Atomic Steering
Bufaer Atomic Steering

Wanderer Weapons


Picture Name Cost


Picture Name Cost
Sunbeam Turret
Dual Sunbeam Turret
Wanderer Anti-missile

Wanderer Outfits

Energy generation/storage (Wanderer energy generation doubles as energy storage)

Picture Name Cost
Small biochemical cell
Large biochemical cell
Red sun Reactor
Yellow sun Reactor
White sun Reactor
Blue sun Reactor


Picture Name Cost
Bright cloud shielding
Dark storm shielding


Picture Name Cost
Wanderer heat sink

Thrusters (Wanderer thrusters double as cooling) - Wanderer thrusters are less powerful than other alien counterparts, but they are more powerful than plasma thrusters and are the most efficient engines among all their counterparts.

Picture Name Cost
Tiny radiant thruster@2x
Type 1 radiant thruster 135,000
Tiny radiant steering@2x
Type 1 radiant steering 115,000
Type 2 radiant thruster
Type 2 radiant steering
Type 3 radiant thruster
Type 3 radiant steering
Type 4 radiant thruster
Type 4 radiant steering

Pug Weapons

Pug Outfits

Coalition Weapons

Coalition Outfits

Energy generation

Picture Name Cost
Small collector module
Large collector module

Energy storage/batteries

Picture Name Cost
Small battery module
Large battery module


Picture Name Cost
Small shield module
Large shield module

Hull repair

Picture Name Cost
Small repair module
Large repair module


Picture Name Cost
Cooling module

Thrusters - Coalition thrusters have higher than average power and generate a fair amount of heat, but require less energy than their counterparts.

Picture Name Cost
Small thrust module
Small steering module
Large thrust module
Large steering module

Quarg Weapons

Quarg Outfits

Energy generation

Energy storage/batteries

Picture Name Cost
Nanotech Battery


Picture Name Cost
Quantum Shield Generator


Picture Name Cost
Medium Graviton thruster
Medium Graviton steering