Name Boxwing
Ship Class Fighter
Hull Cost 369,000
Standard Cost ???
Shield 400
Hull 800
Mass 45
Drag 0.59
Fuel Capacity none
Heat Dissipation 0.27
Required Crew 1
Bunks 1
Cargo Space 80
Outfit Space none
Weapon Capacity none
Engine Capacity 28

Shipyard Description

After introducing the "Type F" cargo pod for the Hauler, it became apparent to merchant captains that the new carriers could offer more flexibility within their fleet, if there were a cargo box they could attach to the fighter arms. Enter the "F6-C: Boxwing", the Fighter that doesn't fight, but carries cargo instead. Cargo preservation equipment gives the Boxwing much more mass and very poor heat dissipation characteristics compared to other fighters. That it cannot carry any weapons is only part of the reason jocks call it "Flying Coffin" amongst themselves; besides the ship resembling one and being very sluggish, the pilot "seat" doubles as a bunk, and is cramped beyond the comfort level of most. The interactive panoramic window H.U.D. is the only thing that keeps claustrophobic episodes from becoming a major problem.

Like all fighters, the Boxwing is unable to jump and does not come equipped with weapons or particularly powerful shields.


These are the standard outfits initially equipped on each Boxwing.