Bulk freighter
Ship Class Heavy Freighter
Hull Cost 9,400,000
Full Cost 10,916,000
Shields 4,000
Hull 7,600
Req. Crew 6
Bunks 18
Drag 15.8
Heat Dissipation 0.5
Fuel Capacity 600
Outfit Space 410
Cargo Capacity 600
Weapon Capacity 180
Engine Capacity 85
Mass 870

Shipyard Description

"The Bulk Freighter is the ultimate cargo ship, able to carry as much cargo as four ordinary Syndicate Freighters. It is also, however, an incredibly slow ship and difficult to maneuver, especially when loaded down with cargo. Some freight caravans use ordinary freighters instead of bulk freighters just to avoid the hassle of constantly having to wait for the Bulk Freighter to properly align itself for hyperspace travel."


The Bulk Freighter can be purchased at the following ports:

Standard Outfits

RT-I Radiothermal

LP144a Battery Pack

D23-QP Shield Generator
X3700 Ion Thruster

X3200 Steering

Sidewinder Missile Launcher (2)

Laser Turret (3)

Heavy Anti-Missile Turret (2)