Name Cruiser
Ship Class Heavy Warship
Hull Cost 11,200,000
Standard Cost ???
Shield 19,600
Hull 6,400
Mass 680
Drag 10.1
Fuel Capacity 600
Heat Dissipation 0.45
Required Crew 81
Bunks 136
Cargo Space 60
Outfit Space 760
Weapon Capacity 320
Engine Capacity 170

Shipyard Description

The Republic Cruiser is a relatively recent design, a much larger version of the Frigate designed to be able to take on an entire pirate fleet if necessary. In addition to a wide variety of weaponry, Cruisers have space to carry four attack drones: fast, pilotless fighters that can be controlled remotely.

Requires a Navy license and a Cruiser license.


The Cruiser can be purchased at the following ports:


These are the standard outfits initially equipped on each Cruiser.