Name Dagger
Ship Class Fighter
Hull Cost 129,000
Standard Cost ???
Shield 1000
Hull 300
Mass 20
Drag 0.63
Fuel Capacity none
Heat Dissipation 0.9
Required Crew 1
Bunks 1
Cargo Space none
Outfit Space 90
Weapon Capacity 20
Engine Capacity 30

Shipyard Description

The Dagger is a fighter designed by Lionheart Industries, intended to be carried by their Aerie warship, although other ships have been known to carry them, as well. As with many Lionheart ships, its chassis is largely composed of lightweight composite materials, making it considerably faster than other fighters.

Like all fighters, the Dagger is unable to jump. The Dagger has no cargo capacity.


The Dagger can be purchased at the following ports:


These are the standard outfits initially equipped on each Dagger.