Name Dreadnought
Ship Class Heavy Warship
Hull Cost 11,900,000
Standard Cost 18,283,000
Shield 18,100
Hull 7,300
Mass 630
Drag 10.1
Fuel Capacity 600
Heat Dissipation 0.65
Required Crew 84
Bunks 147
Cargo Space 100
Outfit Space 790
Weapon Capacity 360
Engine Capacity 190

Shipyard Description

The Dreadnought is a new warship that was designed by Southbound Shipyards in order to provide a large capital ship for the Free Worlds fleets, something capable of standing up to a Navy Cruiser or even a Carrier.

In order to unlock the Dreadnought, play "Free Worlds" storyline and complete mission "FW Albatross 1"


These are the standard outfits initially equipped on each Dreadnought.

On the one hand, the Meteor Launchers are perhaps not the best outfit for secondary weapons. On the other hand, five Plasma Turrets are completely OP. The Engine outfits are also pretty slick as they give the Dreadnought some surprising speed for a ship of its bulk.