Name Finch
Ship Class Fighter
Hull Cost 126,000
Standard Cost ???
Shield 1,100
Hull 200
Mass 40
Drag 0.83
Fuel Capacity none
Heat Dissipation 0.85
Required Crew 1
Bunks 1
Cargo Space none
Outfit Space 110
Weapon Capacity 20
Engine Capacity 40

Shipyard Description

When the Free Worlds started requesting a Carrier solution from its local shipyards, Tarazed Shipyards quickly saw that a few modifications could make their entry level interceptor into a top tier fighter. Over 85% of the parts that make up the Finch are shared with the Sparrow assembly line, so it's no surprise that even trimmed down to (barely) fit into a fighter bay, the Finch bears strong resemblance to its hyperspace-faring cousin.

Like all fighters, the Finch cannot jump.


These are the standard outfits initially equipped on each Finch.