Name Frigate
Ship Class Medium Warship
Hull Cost 5,200,000
Standard Cost ???
Shield 8,000
Hull 2,500
Mass 310
Drag 5.2
Fuel Capacity 500
Heat Dissipation 0.7
Required Crew 21
Bunks 44
Cargo Space 35
Outfit Space 410
Weapon Capacity 170
Engine Capacity 100

Shipyard Description

For centuries, the Frigate was the largest warship produced by the Republic Navy Yard, but now they seem quite small compared to a Cruiser or a Carrier. Armed with a variety of weapons, and with relatively good maneuverability for a ship its size, the Frigate is equally capable at fending off small fighters or bombarding larger ships.

Requires a Navy License.


The Frigate can be purchased at the following ports:


These are the standard outfits initially equipped on each Frigate.