The Hai outfits are, as a whole, efficient and well-balanced. They are not as powerful as some other species' equipment, or high end human equipment, except they do tend to be reliable. Their strongest point is probably a cheap Quantum Keystone allowing access to the Ember Waste without a Jump Drive.


Pulse Cannon: The Pulse Cannon is the main weapon of the Hai. It is a simple projectile weapon, costing 130,000 and having a mass of 13.

Pulse Turret: This is a turret adaptation of the Pulse Cannon, mounting two of them on a rotating platform.

Ion Cannon: The unique weapon of the Hai. This is a bulky device which launches a projectile. The projectile isn't as powerful as many other weapons, yet it drains energy from the target it hits. This makes it a devastating weapon against ships without adequate reactors.

Railgun: The railgun is a long-range secondary weapon developed by the Hai. It has tracking like typical missiles, but does not do much damage.

Hai Tracker Pod: This is the standard Hai missile. It is accurate, has a high missile strength, a long range, and a decent amount of damage. Its main weakness is that it has a wide turning radius.

Bullfrog Anti-Missile: These are the more primitive Hai anti-missile turrets. They have a fairly short range, and can only shoot 3 times in a second. However, they deal more damage to a missile per hit than any Human anti-missile system.

Chameleon Anti-Missile: These refined anti-missile turrets take up much more space, but deal even more to a missile every second, slightly more often, and at a longer range.


Hai Corundum Regenerator: These are the smaller shield generators of the Hai. They are more powerful than Human shield generators, except they take a constant toll on energy generation, and create a lot of heat while the shield recharges.

Hai Diamond Regenerator: This is a scaled-up form of the Corundum regenerator.

Hai Williwaw Cooling: Hai outfits are normally quite heat-efficient, and so their cooling is ineffective. It provides only 570 cooling in 8 tons of outfit space.

Quantum Keystone: This variant of a Keystone is cheaper than the ones sold by The Remnant. Buying one allows you to use the unstable wormholes of the Ember Waste. A quantum keystone of either variety is needed to reach the ports of the Remnant without a Jump Drive


Hai Chasm Batteries: This is a basic Hai battery. It is more efficient than Human batteries, but less so than those of the Coalition. It allows 491 units of energy to be stored in 5 outfit space.

Hai Fissure Batteries: Slightly scaled up. 1,709 energy stored in 15 outfit space.

Hai Gorge Batteries: This is a large Hai battery pack, storing 3,761 energy in only 30 outfit space.

Hai Ravine Batteries: The second largest Hai battery pack stores 8,205 energy in 60 outfit space.

Hai Valley Batteries: This bulky counter to the Ion Cannon stores 17,777 energy in 120 outfit space.

Boulder Reactor: These are miniaturized fusion generators They produce 1,038 energy and 2,040 heat in 90 outfit space.

Geode Reactor: A medium-size fission reactor.

Pebble Core: This is a very small nuclear reactor, producing 270 energy and 714 heat in only outfit space.

Sand Cell: These cells are of a design similar to human fuel cells, taking up only 24 outfit space.


Hai engines are Atomic Engines, similarly to the ones produced in The Deep, except more efficient.

Hai Atomic Engines
Design Name Thrust/Steering Generated Energy Used Heat Produced Outfit Space
Baellie Unknown Unknown - Modules inseparable Unknown 24
Basrem 47520/18540 90/42 174/96 18/12
Benga 84960/34620 156/66 300/168 28/20
Biroo 149400/63240 252/120 516/300 44/32
Bondir 237960/105480 384/192 804/492 63/49
Bufaer 432360/182580 654/312 1428/828 104/76