This page contains spoilers.

Find here the list of all (unless we missed some...) human outfits in game divided by type and including base cost. For more details, check the individual pages. For complaints, the Hai government will hear your petition. Thank you for your time. Also this is all the outfits in the game check out Alien Outfits for more

Guns (Human)

Picture Name Cost
Beam Laser 29,000
Heavy laser
Heavy Laser 60,000
Electron beam
Electron Beam 170,000
Energy Blaster 16,000
Mod blaster
Modified Blaster 35,000
Proton gun
Proton Cannon 150,000
Plasma cannon
Plasma Cannon 190,000
Particle cannon
Particle Cannon 220,000

Turrets (Human)

Picture Name Cost
Laser turret
Laser Turret 140,000
Heavy laser turret
Heavy Laser Turret 320,000
Electron turret
Electron Turret 720,000
Blaster turret
Blaster Turret 100,000
Mod blaster turret
Modified Blaster Turret 170,000
Quad blaster turret
Quad Blaster Turret 230,000
Plasma turret
Plasma Turret 520,000
Anti-Missile Turret 60,000
Heavy anti-missile
Heavy Anti-Missile Turret 150,000

Secondary Weapons (Human)

Picture Name Cost
Flamethrower 190,000
Gatling Gun 20,000
Javelin pod
Javelin Pod 20,000
Rocket launcher
Heavy Rocket Launcher 40,000
Meteor launcher
Meteor Missile Launcher 15,000
Sidewinder launcher
Sidewinder Missile Launcher 60,000
Torpedo launcher
Torpedo Launcher 80,000
Typhoon launcher
Typhoon Launcher 260,000

Ammunition (Human)

Picture Name Cost
Heavy Rocket 2,000
Javelin 50
Meteor Missile 500
Sidewinder Missile 800
Torpedo 1,400
Typhoon Torpedo 2,700

Ammo Racks (Human)

Picture Name Cost
Javelin storage
Javelin Storage Crate 5,000
Rocket storage
Heavy Rocket Rack 20,000
Meteor storage
Meteor Missile Box 9,000
Sidewinder storage
Sidewinder Missile Rack 20,000
Torpedo storage
Torpedo Storage Rack 21,000
Typhoon storage
Typhoon Storage Tube 40,500

Power Generation (Human)

Picture Name Cost
Tiny battery
LP036a Battery Pack
Small battery
LP072a Battery Pack
Medium battery
LP144a Battery Pack
Large battery
LP288a Battery Pack
Huge battery
LP576a Battery Pack
Tiny photovoltaic
KP-6 Photovoltaic Panel
Small photovoltaic
KP-6 Photovoltaic Array
Tiny fuel cell
nGVF-AA Fuel Cell
Small fuel cell
nGVF-BB Fuel Cell
Medium fuel cell
nGVF-CC Fuel Cell
Large fuel cell
nGVF-DD Fuel Cell
Huge fuel cell
nGVF-EE Fuel Cell
Small radiothermal
RT-I Radiothermal
Small thermionic
S3 Thermionic
Small nucleovoltaic
NT-200 Nucleovoltaic
Dwarf core
Dwarf Core
Fission Reactor
Breeder Reactor
Fusion Reactor
Armageddon Core
Stack core
Stack Core

Engines (Human)

As a general rule of thumb, human engines are basic and only useful in the early game. Ion thrusters are weak but energy and heat efficient. Plasma thrusters are of average power but have low efficiency. Atomic thrusters have high power, but they are large and not the most efficient. It is worth looking at alternative engines, particularly Hai tech.

Picture Name Cost
Ionic afterburner
Ionic Afterburner
Tiny ion engines
X1050 Ion Engines
Tiny ion thruster
X1700 Ion Thruster
Small ion thruster
X2700 Ion Thruster
Medium ion thruster
X3700 Ion Thruster
Large ion thruster
X4700 Ion Thruster
Huge ion thruster
X5700 Ion Thruster
Tiny ion steering
X1200 Ion Steering
Small ion steering
X2200 Ion Steering
Medium ion steering
X3200 Ion Steering
Large ion steering
X4200 Ion Steering
Huge ion steering
X5200 Ion Steering
Tiny plasma thruster
Chipmunk Plasma Thruster
Small plasma thruster
Greyhound Plasma Thruster
Medium plasma thruster
Impala Plasma Thruster
Large plasma thruster
Orca Plasma Thruster
Huge plasma thruster
Tyrant Plasma Thruster
Tiny plasma steering
Chipmunk Plasma Steering
Small plasma steering
Greyhound Plasma Steering
Medium plasma steering
Impala Plasma Steering
Large plasma steering
Orca Plasma Steering
Huge plasma steering
Tyrant Plasma Steering
Tiny atomic thruster
A120 Atomic Thruster
Small atomic thruster
A250 Atomic Thruster
Medium atomic thruster
A370 Atomic Thruster
Large atomic thruster
A520 Atomic Thruster
Huge atomic thruster
A860 Atomic Thruster
Tiny atomic steering
A125 Atomic Steering
Small atomic steering
A255 Atomic Steering
Medium atomic steering
A375 Atomic Steering
Large atomic steering
A525 Atomic Steering
Huge atomic steering
A865 Atomic Steering
Reverse thruster
AR120 Reverse Thruster

Systems (Human)

Picture Name Cost
Local Map 1,000
Small bunk room
Small Bunk Room
Bunk room
Bunk Room
Blue screwdriver
Mass Expansion
Blue screwdriver
Outfit Expansion
Red screwdriver
Cargo Expansion
Cargo scanner
Cargo Scanner
Outfit scanner
Outfit Scanner
Outfit scanner
Surveillance Pod
It's cloaked...

... You cannot find it.

Cloaking Device
Interference plating
Interference Plating
Catalytic ramscoop
Catalytic Ramscoop
Cooling ducts
Cooling Ducts
Water cooling
Water Cooling System
Liquid nitrogen
Liquid Nitrogen Cooler
Liquid helium
Liquid Helium Cooler
Tiny shield
D14-RN Shield Generator
Small shield
D23-QP Shield Generator
Medium shield
D41-HY Shield Generator
Large shield
D67-TM Shield Generator
Huge shield
D94-YV Shield Generator
Small regenerator
S-270 Regenerator
Large regenerator
S-970 Regenerator
Fuel pod
Fuel Pod
Small radar jammer
Small Radar Jammer
Large radar jammer
Large Radar Jammer
Laser rifle
Laser Rifle
Fragmentation grenades
Fragmentation Grenades
Security station
Security Station
Nerve gas
Nerve Gas
Scram Drive
Jump drive-0
Jump Drive
NDR-114 Android
Pilot's License