The Kor Mereti are one of the two warring factions of Korath automata, left to their own devices after their creators were exiled to the Core at the end of the Korath Civil War.

The Kor Mereti automata have no civilian ships, which naturally follows from their bellicose nature. Kor Mereti ships are heavily balanced towards shields, and have considerably more turret mounts than gun ports, with the exception of the Model 8, which only has guns. All of their ships tend to run very hot. Compared to the Kor Sestor, the Kor Mereti's arsenal is not very diverse, but they are nonetheless viewed with fear because of their Korath Disruptors.




Kor Mereti ships carry varying amounts of Reasoning Nodes, ranging from one to three depending on the ship's size. These tiny computers connect the Kor Mereti automata to each other, hivemind-style.

The typical Kor Mereti ship is a mess of modular parts with a cockpit and engines. All of the ships are built from the same set of parts. Each generation builds on the previous, changing the cockpit and adding more parts. The smaller vessels are rather stubby, but grow into lines and then into blocky tori. As with all Korath ships, they are relatively huge among ships.




Light Warship:

Medium Warship:

Heavy Warship:





  • Plasma Core
    • Double Plasma Core
    • Triple Plasma Core
  • Generator (Candle, Furnace, and Inferno Classes)


  • Thruster (Asteroid, Comet, Lunar, Planetary, and Stellar Classes)
  • Steering (Asteroid, Comet, Lunar, Planetary, and Stellar Classes)

Interspecies Relations

The Kor Sestor automata are indiscriminately hostile to others, and cannot be reasoned with (through normal means, at least) because of their robotic nature.


  • The Kor Sestor tend to be at a severe disadvantage against the Kor Mereti whenever their swarms can grow sufficiently large, because of the sheer potential of the Korath Disruptor. Michael has made innumerable efforts to address this.