"Ah, the unwise Korath," the Quarg says. "Once a mighty empire, now sadly splintered and diminished. Their own thinking war machines, now breeding with abandon and inimical to all, hunt the survivors. And some of them, too, were exiled for their great crimes."
-Anonymous Quarg, First Contact: Kuwaru Efreti
The Korath are a dying race of aliens who have driven themselves to the brink of extinction through their lust for war. Most Korath technologies create a great amount of heat, though their primary weapons are noticeably more energy-efficient than those of other tier 2 species like the Wanderers.


Much of what we know of the Korath's history is either muddled or not in chronological order- all we know is that at some point in the past, some faction of Korath invaded Hai space, although the warriors which would later become the Unfettered drove them back. Presumably later in their history, all of Korath space erupted into civil war, a war which involved several different factions; the most powerful of these were the Kor Mereti and the Kor Sestor. Eventually, the Quarg and the Drak were forced to intervene, banishing the war leaders to the systems near the core.


Korath are short, stocky, and somewhat reptilian in appearance, and have a crest of feathers running along the top of their heads and hanging down their backs.

As the Korath are separated into several different factions, their ship designs tend to vary.


  • Other than the humans, and possibly the Pug, the Korath are the only known species to have more than two factions.
  • The Korath are the only known species, other than the Drak and Pug, to have been able to develop a Jump Drive.