Mods (officially known as "plugins," in keeping with the original Escape Velocity naming scheme) add content to the game.

In order to access additional content, it is sometimes necessary to start a new pilot, as creators sometimes add new event flags and other mission content to trigger their missions, which do not affect players who have completed those missions on an unmodified save file.

This page is just a placeholder and will slowly be filled. If a mod maker wishes for their mod to be taken off of this list, they automatically reserve the right to do so.

Eventually, there will be a mod database built into the game, from where mods can be reviewed and downloaded. A proof-of-concept website can be found here.

For mod guides, check the Guides page.

An official mod formatting scheme is given here.


Installing mods is simple: place the folder containg the mod files in a folder labeled "plugins" in one of the following locations, depending on your operating system.


  • /usr/share/endless-sky/plugins/
  • ~/.local/share/endless-sky/plugins/


  • plugins\ (in the same folder as the Endless Sky executable)
  • C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\endless-sky\plugins\

Mac OS X

  • Content/Resources/plugins/ (within the application bundle)
  • ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/endless-sky/plugins

The end result should be something like [file-path]\endless-sky\plugins\[plugin-name], which in turn will contain that specific mod's data, images, and sounds folders, and possibly readme and copyright info.


This page will list some of the most popular mods available to Endless Sky players. If you have a mod that you wish to post here, feel free to place it in the right category.

Note that these categories are not finalized.


These are mods designed by Michael Zahniser himself, or by another highly reputable authority.

  • Endless Sky Map Editor: More like a tool rather than a plugin, this is used to create new systems as part of a map. [Release]
  • Endless Sky High DPI: This is a collection of 2x resolution sprites, for use by players with high DPI monitors or who increase the game's zoom factor above 100%. [Releases]
  • All Content Plugin: This mod starts you on Greenrock with a trillion (10^12) credits and access to almost every ship and outfit in the game. It is intended for testing purposes, but of course, as its description says, "it can also be used by people who want to ruin the game for themselves by getting a massive fleet without needing to work for it."


This is where you want to be if you're downloading mods with, or that intend to eventually have, a fully-fledged storyline. As a word of note, any mod published here must have, at the very least, a First Contact mission.

  • Eternals by comnom: This mod adds a region of space northeast of Unfettered Hai territory, along with a new species and a human faction to go with them. [Eternals Website]
    • Note: the missions and events are missing from the latest release. Those can be obtained from the GitHub database. - User:Litothach
  • The Enclave by Storm Crow/Makuta Miras: This mod focuses on the discovery of an isolated group of humans in a distant galaxy. Separated from the rest of their species for over half a millennium, how have these people developed? [Releases]

Ship and Outfit Packs



This is where everything else goes.

  • World Forge: This mod, the precursor to the All Content Plugin, adds a galaxy that contains all outfits and ships in the game, even deprecated ones. It can be reached in normal gameplay by passing through a wormhole in Nocte.