Name Quicksilver
Ship Class Light Warship
Hull Cost 1,090,000
Standard Cost 2,018,000
Shield 3,000
Hull 800
Mass 120
Drag 2.7
Fuel Capacity 400
Heat Dissipation 0.8
Required Crew 3
Bunks 6
Cargo Space 10
Outfit Space 240
Weapon Capacity 60
Engine Capacity 70

Shipyard Description

The Megaparsec Quicksilver is a warship built around a single concept: to design the smallest and fastest ship capable of carrying two particle cannons. Because of its speed and long weapons range, the Quicksilver can keep a safe distance from most targets and bombard them with particle bursts until they are destroyed.


The Quicksilver can be purchased at the following ports:


These are the standard outfits initially equipped on each Quicksilver.