Name Raven
Ship Class Light Warship
Hull Cost 1,800,000
Standard Cost 2,789,000
Shield 4,700
Hull 1,400
Mass 130
Drag 3.7
Fuel Capacity 500
Heat Dissipation 0.8
Required Crew 6
Bunks 13
Cargo Space 30
Outfit Space 280
Weapon Capacity 90
Engine Capacity 100

Shipyard Description

The Lionheart Raven is their most popular warship, an agile and elegant vessel that can nevertheless deal out and absorb considerable damage. Ravens are a favorite ship for bounty hunters, because they are more than a match for pirate interceptors and can be used by a skilled pilot to take down much larger ships as well.


The Raven can be purchased at the following ports:


These are the standard outfits initially equipped on each Raven.