One of the first three ships you can get at the beginning of the game, the Shuttle is a cheap ship that is intended to be used for "peaceful" missions such as courier missions and light transport type missions.

Similar in speed, turning rate, and acceleration to the Sparrow. The Shuttle is the second fastest of the starting ships, and has the fastest turning rate and fastest acceleration.

In Endless Sky, the capacity for carrying passengers can be altered by adding a Bunkroom Outfit, where it was unchangeable in Escape Velocity; the Shuttle has the most bunks with six; three more than the Starbarge and four more than the Sparrow.

Ship Class Transport
Cost 180000
Shields 500
Hull 600
Req. Crew


Bunks 6


Heat Dissipation 0.7
Fuel Capacity 400
Outfit Space 120
Cargo Capacity 20
Weapon Capacity 10
Engine Capacity 60


Speed 405.88
Acceleration 204.95/227.47
Turning 91.188/101.21

Shipyard Description

"Although Betelgeuse Shipyards produces other ship models as well, the majority of their profits come from sales of the Shuttle. This versatile ship serves equally well as a passenger transport or a cargo courier. It also happens to be the cheapest ship you can buy which is capable of hyperspace travel."

Flying Characteristics

Shuttles are not designed to withstand combat of any sort, but they are fast and maneuverable enough to get out of harm's way if attacked by a larger, slower ship. Although they are typically unarmed, they have enough space for one weapon, which is the origin of the popular phrase, "as useless as a blaster cannon on a shuttlecraft."`


The Shuttle can be purchased at the following ports:

In other words... Gosh darn frickin' everywhere!

Standard Outfits

Energy Generation
nGVF-AA Fuel Cell

LP036a Battery Pack

D14-RN Shield Generator


X2700 Ion Thruster

X2200 Ion Steering