Ship Class Interceptor
Hull Cost 225,000
Full Cost 448,000
Shields 1,200
Hull 300
Req. Crew 1
Bunks 2
Drag 1.0
Heat Dissipation 0.8
Fuel Capacity 300
Outfit Space 130
Cargo Capacity 15
Weapon Capacity 20
Engine Capacity 40


Speed 576
Acceleration 180.94/196.36
Turning 80.419/87.273

One of the three ships offered to starting pilots. With similar speed, turning rate, and acceleration to the Shuttle, the Sparrow boasts the fastest top speed of the starting ships. It has the same weapons space as the Starbarge but is much better at combat.

In Endless Sky, the capacity for carrying passengers can be altered by adding a Bunkroom Outfit, where it was unchangeable in Escape Velocity; the Sparrow has the least bunks; only two compared with the Shuttle's three and the Starbarge's six.

Shipyard Description

"Classified as an interceptor rather than a fighter because it has its own hyperdrive instead of needing to be carried inside a larger ship, the Tarazed Sparrow is the smallest and cheapest combat ship available. Because of its limited cargo and passenger space, the primary way for a Sparrow pilot to pay the bills is by hunting pirates... or by becoming one. In either case, it is a perilous way to earn a living. Insurance reports indicate that as many as two out of every three first-time ship buyers who choose to pilot a Sparrow lose their ship (and often, their life as well) within the first month of owning it."


The Sparrow can be purchased at the following ports:

In other words... Gosh darn frickin' everywhere!

Standard Outfits

nGVF-BB Fuel Cell

LP036a Battery Pack

D14-RN Shield Generator
Chipmunk Plasma Thruster

Chipmunk Plasma Steering

Beam Laser (2)