Torpedoes are the most powerful homing weapon, but they move slowly enough that fast ships can simply outrun them, making them most useful against large targets or against small ships at times when they are too distracted to dodge. Torpedo launchers are also much larger than other missile systems, so they are most often found in capital ships.
-Outfitter Description

Weapon Details

The Torpedo Launcher requires ammo and fires Torpedoes. Base ammo capacity is 30 torpedoes, but can be extended by 15 with the Torpedo Storage Rack.

We’re still waiting on player feedback on the use of this weapon.

Outfitter Locations

The Torpedo Launcher can be purchased at several ports around the map:

  • Thule, Men
  • Smuggler's Den, Men
  • Deep, Kornephoros
  • Rust, Kraz
  • Bourne, Gamma Corvi
  • Wayfarer, Tarazed
  • Hephaestus, Markab
  • Delve, Scheat
  • Foundry Achernar
  • Shangri-la, Polaris
  • Hermes, Capella
  • Ada, Aldebaran
  • Valhalla, Epsilon Leonis
  • Asgard, Naos
  • Midgard, Aludra
  • Sunracer, Mirfak
  • Shroud, Alhelka