Name Vanguard
Ship Class Heavy Warship
Hull Cost 7,200,000
Standard Cost 13,730,000
Shield 9,800
Hull 6,000
Mass 500
Drag 8
Fuel Capacity 400
Heat Dissipation 0.6
Required Crew 23
Bunks 45
Cargo Space 50
Outfit Space 560
Weapon Capacity 220
Engine Capacity 120

Shipyard Description

The Vanguard is Syndicated Systems' newest warship intended for the heavy anti-pirate defense market. Vanguards offer an unusual feature set, focusing on powerful fixed guns and featuring Syndicated Systems' latest automation technologies, resulting in an atypically low crew complement for a ship its size. Few capital ships will endure for long under the withering fusillade of gunfire that it can unleash against those in front of it.


The Vanguard can be purchased at the following ports:


These are the standard outfits initially equipped on each Vanguard.


The Vanguard is also one of the Author Ships. Known as the

"Point Stick" Vanguard.